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We as a team Hidoks Elevator ; the speed of the production, quality, reliability and technological infrastructure investments in developing behalf continue unabated .We adopt the more modern products and quality service to do the same instead of thinking of innovative production.


Our team of professional installation offers installation and service of all types of lifts. Elevator hundred percent customer satisfaction with global standards in the industry, our company offers products and services within the framework provided by running an effective and experienced team of experts in construction.


In terms of human life and property safety always in need of periodic maintenance lifts this opportunity will provide you with fast and high quality care services in the best way. Wide service network and our stocks are all kinds of spare parts.


Once assembly of the elevator causes wear and failure. Worn and dangerous situation in terms of security and in terms of both looks dangerous elevators may result. One modernization not only bring aesthetic improvements, new safety standards, less waiting time, ride comfort, low failure rate and provide energy savings. Well below our standard of mechanical improvements in a stuck elevator renovation work practices and systems will provide increased security levels more economical and functional performance.